About Us
To be honest we would rather hear about your story, but you’re the guest so if you insist…
Our story begins in 2011 when we asked the question ‘How could fitness be more fun?’  In fact, ‘How could fitness become a side effect of having fun?’
We discovered so many people equated ‘getting fit’ to spending half an hour on a treadmill and we were determined to show them how many more cool experiences were out there.
And we wanted to do it without mentioning Body Mass Index, Diabetes, Cholesterol or any of those other important but dull things that everyone else in the industry talks about.
Our premise was super simple, try lots of different activities until you find one that is fun for you.  When you find something that is fun then all those issues of ‘motivation’ disappear because you’re having fun.  And it has a weird knock on effect with the rest of your life.  Once you start doing one activity that is fun and healthy you start to see incremental improvements in other elements of your life (work, diet, family etc.).  
But even if you didn’t, you’re now having fun and doing something new!  Which is what we wanted, so it makes us happy too.
Damn, we’re talking about you again.  Sorry.
OK, we are a small team of entrepreneurs passionate about connecting all the great small businesses in the sport / fitness / health industry with as many people in their local communities as possible.
Our founder, Callum Laing, is a Kiwi that grew up in the UK and lived in several countries before moving his family to Singapore.  He still harbours dreams of playing professional football despite a complete lack of ability at the game.
Callum is joined on his quest by an amazing array of people who share this passion for connecting people to great experiences.
Technically, therefore, our headquarters are in Singapore because that is where Callum and some of the core team are, but you will find that the rest of the team is actually spread out over many different countries.  About 12 countries at last count which allows us to serve more people more effectively.  Especially the many global corporations we work with who want their staff to be more active.
What it also means is that it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night we schedule our team meetings it is always "horrible o’clock" in the morning for someone.  (the problem with globalisation that no one talks about!).
If you still want to know more about who we are and what we’re doing then you can stalk us here: www.linkedin.com/company/fitness-buffet
And you can read what the Press say here: http://www.fitness-buffet.com/press-room
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