This is so cool. How do I buy it?
It is isn’t it? Just go the fitness-buffet.com click your city and hit ‘sign up now’
I’m bursting with happiness after my Fitness-Buffet experience, how can I share my story?
Yay! Tell us more. Email stories@fitness-buffet.com we put the best ones up on our blog to inspire others.
The dog ate my vouchers, can I have some more?
Bad dog! It’s not that sort of buffet. No problem. Find the email we sent you and it will have your unique link and you can download new vouchers as long as the expiry date hasn’t run out.
The expiry date has run out. Can I pleeeeease have an extension?
Time just flies past doesn’t it?! Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as us giving you an extension because we have deals in place with our partners that are date specific that we can’t change. Sorry about that.
How can I possibly do all these activities in 60 days? Why can’t I have longer?
People who do all the activities in a city within the 60 days are hero’s in our book and we honour them on our wall of honour. For most people trying one or two new things a week is plenty and we provide the means for you to do that. As Northcote Parkinson said, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” – I’m sure he would have said the same of Fitness-Buffets if he was here. And had the time.
I loved Fitness-Buffet and I want to buy another one but it says I have to wait 90 days. Why is that? Don’t you want my money?
We’re very glad that you enjoyed your experience and want to play again. However, like eating at a real buffet, too much of a good thing ends up not being good for anyone. We want you to sample new experiences and our partners want you to sample what they do but nobody wants you becoming addicted to sampling. Who knows where it might lead?
My friend bought Fitness-Buffet last month and it had different offers. How come?
Fitness-Buffet is a fluid and ever changing package. That’s what makes life so exciting. The reason is sometimes our partners fill up and can no longer take on new customers. However, even though offers can change month to month, whatever was in your offer the day you signed up will remain for the full 60 days.
Can I buy this for my friend as a present?
Yes, just enter their name and email address when you purchase, it will go straight to them.
I never received my vouchers after I entered my credit card details.
Hmm, that’s not good. Vouchers are normally sent within a few minutes. Double check your spam folder, or do a search for ‘fitness-buffet’. If it’s still not there please email info@fitness-buffet.com with the email address and name you used and we will follow up.
I bought something like this before and one of the partners closed down before I got a chance to use my voucher. How do you stop that happening?
That is rubbish when that happens and we know how frustrating it can be. However, it is even more rubbish for the poor business owner who has pursued their dreams but is now forced to shut down their business. We really really hope that doesn’t happen to any of our partners but unfortunately it is a risk, but hopefully a very small one. Don’t worry about it, but if it does happen to you and you feel like you did not get great value from your Fitness-Buffet let us know and we will see what we can do.
Why is it called Fitness-Buffet?
It was originally called ‘Fit In’. No, it doesn’t make much sense and people would stare at us blankly until we explained that it was like an all you can eat ‘buffet of fitness’. Eventually the penny dropped and the name was changed to Fitness-Buffet. We also like Fitness-Smorgasbord but nobody, except the Swedish, are quite sure of the correct spelling. Bork bork bork.
Who are you?
At an existential level? Let's not go there. We’re just a small group of people that thought it would be cool to try and make fitness more fun.
Where is Fitness-Buffet based?
We would like to think we have a little space in your hearts… but the commutes tricky. We work with partners all over the world but most of the team can be found in Singapore. You should come and visit sometime, it’s very cool.
Why don’t you organise an event where I can meet you and other buffers from all over the world and try out many new things in one go?
Cooooool idea. It’s been added to our ‘to do’ list. Anyone out there want to help us organise it?
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