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Reuters - Published: 08/05/2012
"Fitness-Buffet" serves up a smorgasbord of sports

Turned off by the treadmill and bored by the bike, but know you need to get in shape? A start-up firm may have the answer: an array of coupons for fitness and sports programs, at bargain prices, to tempt aspiring athletes into trying a little of everything to see what really works for them....

Yahoo! Voices - Published: 08/05/2012
5 Fitness Market Technology Trends

Being in the throes of the digital age, there are so many technology trends which are invading all spaces of our lives. Tech-savvy even translates into the gymnasium. Here are 5 fitness market technology trends every club owner and gym manager needs to know all about; how to use and when to...

The Honeycombers - Published: 24/04/2012
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here’s one for the fitness bunnies who love a good workout. With a one-time payment of $129, she’ll get to chance to explore 30 different types of activities, ranging from yoga for the stay-at-home mom to bootcamps for the fitness enthusiast. ...

Australasian Leisure Management - Published: 24/04/2012
Fitness Buffet Opens Coupon Site for Activity

While coupon/group discount media continue to grow, while also coming under increasing scrutiny, New Zealander Callum Laing has founded Fitness Buffet - a coupon site for fitness and sport programs, that offers discounted pricing for those wanting to try a range of activities.

The Next Web - Published: 01/02/2012
Singapore-based Fitness Buffet puts the fun and value back into exercise

The idea for Fitness Buffet came to Callum Laing while he was on the treadmill "sweating off the excesses of Christmas". The then Bangkok-based entrepreneur wondered why exercising had to be such an pain when his young toddler could run around the city’s sun-kissed parks without...

PSFK - Published: 01/02/2012
Daily Buffet-Style Fitness Packages Let You Try Out Various Activities

Fitness Buffet is a Singaporean venture that incorporates the usability of Groupon into fun and unique exercise classes. Founder Callum Liang and his team find and gather sports and fitness classes and events and allow users to try them for free or at a low cost. The company creates unique...

Sgentrepreneurs - Published: 26/01/2012
Three startups that make staying fit more fun

Chinese New Year just wouldn’t be Chinese New Year without the feasting. It’s a time of gathering together over a simmering steamboat and roasted duck, and getting your fingers slick with oil from a tasty slice of ...

Timeout Magazine - Published: 10/01/2012
Fitness-Buffet as Website of the Month

This website appeals to those who can't commit to a single exercise routine. A one-time purchase (US$99) gives you access to over 20 sport, fitness and health activities in Singapore – from a Hatha yoga class and a customised running workshop to a nutritional coaching session and a...

Bangkok Post - Published: 14/11/2011
Workouts for all Fitness Buffet offers smorgasboard of activities.

Like many others, Callum Laing thought there must be a fun way to get fit. "I was upstairs on the treadmill and was really bored. I was trying to get fit after partying too hard over Christmas, and it seemed to be taking forever," said the British businessman and sports enthusiast who...

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